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  1. Jan 24,  · You want to win, right? Winning is fun. Go on, do it. And don't use a summoned critter or unseen servant to do the job. They might win the prize. You wouldn't want them to win your prize, would you? See, quality sagacious advice. So ask away, and marinate your sun-dried raisin brains in the sweet juices of a gremlin's wisdom!
  2. The  Compact Cassette  (called Musicassette - MC - when it came with prerecorded material) is an analog magnetic tape sound recording format It all began with the invention of the magnetic tape in which led to the first reel-to-reel recorder made by AEG in These were big machines used in recording studios, radio stations and later by Hi Fi enthusiasts at home.
  3. 17 hours ago · Sachsenhausen Industriale Centro Kompany recorded live to 2-track tape in St. Botvid's Krematorium. Originally released in in a limited edition of 50 copies on S.I.C.K. Tapes. Rereleased by the P.H.C.E. in in a numbered edition of copies. Duplicated on Tascam T and Technics RSB66W.
  4. China’s theft of the design of the W88 miniaturized warhead happened in the s and was discovered in It was an “enormously significant” event, said Inhofe. However, Berger claims he didn’t tell the President about the theft until perhaps as late as early
  5. Jun 27,  · The United States first tested MIRVs in , and first deployed them in on the Minuteman 3, which can carry up to 3 warheads. The U.S. Peacekeeper missile, the last of which was decommissioned in , could carry up to 10 warheads. U.S. SLBMs still carry MIRVs, although the number of warheads loaded onto one missile is being reduced.
  6. T-series Centramate™ Cassette, Omega PES membrane, 5 kDa molecular weight cut-off (MWCO), m² effective filtration area (EFA) - T-series Centramate™ Cassette, Omega PES membrane, 5 kDa molecular weight cut-off (MWCO), m² effective filtration area (EFA).
  7. Dec 30,  · 83 million Number of tapes bought by UK music fans by the end of , a after the release of Sony’s Walkman portable cassette player. , Number of cassette tapes sold in .
  8. May 21,  · A buyer has had the audio book he ordered for 2 weeks, and told me that the 2 cassettes in there are defective and don’t work. I only have one cassette player, and it’s in my (old) car! Do cassettes wear out? I’ll refund him, but not sure whether I should ask for return of the audio book, because I’m not sure if he could be right, or is fibbing. I’ve never had this complaint before.
  9. A friend mentioned something about mix tapes the other day and I asked if they even still sold cassette tapes. A quick search here and of course they still do. So I immediately ordered some. I believe this is the same packaging as the last time (sometime in the 90s) I bought blank tapes. It's time for the cassette to make a comeback!

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