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  1. Johannes Brahms (German: [joˈhanəs ˈbʁaːms]; 7 May – 3 April ) was a German composer, pianist, and conductor of the Romantic forcotablipodnutccrinderfoundphigane.xyzinfo in Hamburg into a Lutheran family, Brahms spent much of his professional life in Vienna. His reputation and status as a composer are such that he is sometimes grouped with Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven as one of the "Three Bs.
  2. Sam Bass was born in Indianer It was his native-home An' at the age of seventeen Young Sam begin to roam He first set out for Texas A cowboy for t' be A kinda hearted feller You seldom ever see VERSE 2 Sam used t' deal in race stock Once owned th Denton Mare He matched 'er in scrub races An' he took 'er to th fair He used t' coin th money.

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