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  2. An inverted repeat (or IR) is a single stranded sequence of nucleotides followed downstream by its reverse complement. The intervening sequence of nucleotides between the initial sequence and the reverse complement can be any length including zero. When the intervening length is zero, the composite sequence is a palindromic sequence.
  3. Some women may notice that their nipples don't point out. If one or both of them point inward, it's called an inverted nipple. You may have been born this way. But if it starts to happen later in Author: Danny Bonvissuto.
  4. Define inverted. inverted synonyms, inverted pronunciation, inverted translation, English dictionary definition of inverted. v. in·vert·ed, in·vert·ing, in·verts v. tr. 1. To turn inside out or upside down: invert an hourglass. 2. To reverse the position, order, or condition of.
  5. Synonyms of inverted to change the position of (an object) so that the opposite side or end is showing if you invert the coin, there's a picture of a buffalo on the back.
  6. Inverted roofs are typically assembeled as vegetative, ballasted or plaza roofs. Explore each roof assembly in greater detail below or dig into the downloadable materials to learn more. Ballast Roof. Ballast roofs are your typical inverted roof but using gravel to hold the roofing components into place. It’s an enconomic method for extracting.
  7. A disregarded doll lay with inverted head on the counterpane. They have read the fable of the sun and the wind backwards, and inverted the moral. A story illustrative of this inverted view of success is .
  8. Apr 14,  · An inverted yield curve represents a situation in which long-term debt instruments have lower yields than short-term debt instruments of the same credit quality. An inverted yield curve is.

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