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  1. Important: Our Monoi de Tahiti is % pure and authentic. Our Monoi de Tahiti Oil possesses a light, natural aroma of coconut oil that has been imparted with a very delicate floral aroma of the Tiare flowers that have been macerated into the coconut oil. The aroma of our Monoi de Tahiti is very light. It contains no added synthetic fragrances.
  2. Monoi De Tahiti (Tahitian Gardenia) From the tropical island of Tahiti with it's images of blue waters and sandy shores filled with the scent of exotic flowers we bring you Monoi De Tahiti. Now you can capture a small piece of that mental retreat with one of their most popular traditional flower preparations, a beautiful oil they call Monoi.
  3. Unlike other coconut oil products, Monoi Tiki Tahiti is a unique blend of coconut oil that is of coral atoll origin, refined to a cosmetic grade, plus the natural essence of tiare flowers (Tahitian gardenia). No preservatives, emulsifiers or animal products are added.
  4. MONOI DE TAHITI® is a naturally concentrated emollient which penetrates easily into the skin. Helping to re-hydrate the layers of the epidermus and to shield the skin against external damages. Lab tests demonstrate, after the very first use, MONOI DE TAHITI® helps the skin to look better and healthier.
  5. Monoi oil is the result of soaking together the Tahitian Gardenia (Tiare) flowers into pure coconut oil. Please note that because of its tropically grown ingredients, Monoi oil solidifies at temperatures below 68° F (20°C). This is a natural process that occurs because genuine Monoi contains no emulsifiers to keep it in a liquid state.
  6. Monoi Tiare Tahiti Coconut Oil, Tiare Monoi Tiare Tahiti is a French-Tahitian cosmetic oil consisting of pure coconut oil and the fragrance of tiare, the Tahitian Gardenia. The product is a refinement of an ancient Polynesian beauty secret and has been manufactured commercially since /5().
  7. Aug 17,  · Pacific Pride and Island Hearts- Girls Samoan Dance. Skip navigation Sign in. Voice of the Sea TV 8, views. MINOI MINOI E Minoi Minoi (Samoan.
  8. History. The date when monoi was first created is unknown; however, its origins can be traced back years to the Maohi people, the indigenous Polynesians. Early European explorers who travelled to the Polynesian Islands, including James Cook, documented the natives’ use of monoi for medicinal, cosmetic and religious forcotablipodnutccrinderfoundphigane.xyzinfo featured prominently in the lives of these ancient people.

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