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  1. Female characters are prominent in scary movies, and not always as helpless victims. Think about the Final Girl, without whom slasher films would not exist, or other kick-ass heroines, like Alien.
  2. Japanese children's horror television series‎ (1 C) Pages in category "Japanese horror fiction television series" The following 29 pages are in this category, out of 29 total. This list may not reflect recent changes. B. Berserk ( TV series) C. Crow's Blood; E.
  3. Apr 18,  · Landmark Japanese Horror Titles Ring by Suzuki Koji “Seven days.” The catchphrase from the movie that kicked off Hollywood’s J-horror fad. Ring, of course, is the original novel that served as the source material for the Japanese movie, which in turned inspired the Hollywood remake starring Naomi forcotablipodnutccrinderfoundphigane.xyzinfo novel’s premise revolves around a modern urban legend: a videotape causes its.
  4. Asian Cult Cinema (Extreme Horror Limited 4 Disc Box Set) # Of Discs: 5. Four of the most popular Asian Cult Cinema Collection Titles for Synapse Films in One Beautifully Designed Slip Case (Organ, Evil Dead Trap, Entrails Of A Virgin, Entrails of A Beautiful Woman) Organ - Contains Sneak Preview of Reviews: 2.
  5. Sep 10,  · Women are key to J-horror, nearly always portraying the ghost itself. This is partly because historically a Japanese woman’s role was to stay inside, and be obedient towards her husband. As a result, many of the Ikiro characters are a representation of their frustration, anger, and resentment.
  6. It wasn't horror-horror in the traditional sense, it was about a girl raised in a cult that started going off the rails. Chilling. The ending just left me agog. It's the only book I've read by Wasserberg, but as of right now it's the best horror book I've read from a female author in awhile.
  7. May 13,  · Horror films tend to emphasise these connections between sex and death by doing things like having big strong men with giant knives chase pretty young girls. The typical horror heroine/victim is at the most dramatic point of advancing through the cycle of her life. She is in her teens or early 20s. She’s moved from childhood to sexual maturity.

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